This week’s Bonus Jackpots appear below. Doors open at 5:00 for the 6:30 sessions and at 12:30 for the 2:00 session. If you’re at least 18 years old, we’d love to have you join us!

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Important News

Effective March 1, 2015, we are combining what was once two Sunday sessions into a single session, complete with 16 games, a progessive jackpot, and a $1000 Letter C game. The single session begins at 2:00 every Sunday; doors open at 12:30 and sales begin at 1:00.

You can access the 2:00 Sunday program and pricing schedule on the Programs and Prices page of this website.

Be aware that this change means that there will no longer be a session at 6:30 on Sundays.

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Your Play Helps the Community

If your local charity would like to benefit from play at Community Bingo, its easy to make that happen. Once the proper arrangements have been made, each time someone representing your local charity plays bingo with us, your charity is eligible to receive a percentage of their purchase. Contact Vince Evans for more information or to connect your charity with Community Bingo. We would be happy to work with you to improve our community.